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More than just a house.
Helping people buy or sell a home
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  1. Marketing Advice
    Before you think about selling a home, you had better think about how you will show it to the pubic. Dianne's team of professionals can offer much needed advice on simple repairs to get the most for your time and effort. They can show you what to do, help you hire the right folks, and give you good advice in how to stage the property effectively.
  2. Selling
    If you are ready to sell your home, Dianne team of professionals is ready to help you do it. They have the experience to show your home in the best light and assist you thru the process. They will help you negotiate the offer and stay all the way to the escrow office for your closing.
  3. Buying
    Buying a new home can be a big challenge, especially in this era of online photos, brokers, and companies. You need to go into the house and see for yourself if it's right for you. You need an agent who knows the territory and is familiar with the contracts. One who is experienced and knows how to negotiate on your behalf.
  4. Implementation
    Choose Dianne and her associates for your next move. They will help and guide you every step of the way.
  5. Personal Service
    We offer personalized service that meets or exceeds your expectations thru our network of qualified professionals.
Dianne Rodway, Broker
It is more than just a house